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What does ‘Vivejar’ mean?

Travel = Vivejar = Living with Satisfaction

We are a social enterprise that promotes responsible tourism, women’s empowerment, and positive impact.

Why We Are Here

Vivejar was born to connect everyone to a transformative experience through responsible tourism: sensory memories, emotional connections, art, culture, history, and people.

We were created to provide life, reconnection, breath, and time. It’s not just about arriving at a place, but about integrating with it and its communities.

Traveling, or rather, Vivejar, brings a new meaning to travel: opportunities for personal transformation, reconnection with essential human values such as simplicity, unity, love, and positive impact on those who welcome you.

We don’t love what we don’t know and don’t take care of what we don’t love. Every Brazilian should visit the Amazon, connect with their ancestry, honor those who came before us, and give us the chance to be here experiencing what we call Brazil today.

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Through our experiences, we aim to promote reconnection and positive transformation of individuals, positively develop traditional Brazilian communities, and promote Brazil as a Responsible Tourism destination.


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Whether through an immersive experience in the Amazon rainforest or a visit to artisan communities in the Jequitinhonha Valley, traveling with Vivejar is always more than just visiting places; it’s about integrating with them.

Explore our destinations and join us in this transformation.

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Unique itineraries throughout Brazil that provide more than just memories; they offer a transformative connection with communities and nature.


Exclusive trips on unique itineraries throughout Brazil.
Enjoy genuine and special experiences with our team.

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Another way to travel and see the world, for you to bring back a suitcase full of memories and unforgettable stories.


Journeys that transform people and destinations. Surprise your team and provide a unique experience through an itinerary specially designed to meet your needs.

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Experience of life, soul and heart traveling with Vivejar. Unforgettable and transformative. Care and respect in every detail. I highly recommend it.

Tarcila Reis

Wonderful trip, wonderful people. In addition to everything being very well taken care of, it really is a new way of doing tourism, delicious!

Rita Fucs

Unforgettable! From beginning to end. Every itinerary is carefully planned down to the smallest detail! I recommend it to everyone who wants to get to know Brazil with all their heart!

Camila Santos

Traveling the world in a different way and having other ways of perceiving it stimulated... That's it... Trips that truly transform. Those who do it and those who go!

Lucila Egydio